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September 16, 2011 / Nathan Ho

My Journey: “Discovering Panasonic Narrow-Pitch Connectors”

As a marketing graduate, I have an old habit of  focusing more on the three P’s of Marketing; Promotion, Price, Place (or what I call the “fun P’s”) and spend less effort to have deeper understanding of the remaining P; Product (or what I call the “technical P”).

Over the past couple of months, I was assigned an interesting assignment working with our Technical Marketing Division to launch new Marketing promotion for our Narrow Pitch Connectors. And since I want to design a two page folded Product Brochure as a sales tool so our Sales Team & Reps that they can hand out to customers during sales calls and leave it to customer for future reference, I then spent more effort this time learning the technical side or our Connectors, and actually I found myself saying “WOW” about how Panasonic Connectors works.

First, I learned Panasonic website actually features various Connector introduction videos. (Well, if you are not so “techy “like me, you’ll find these video clips extremely helpful to explain the technical features. Besides, watching a video is always more fun then reading a black and white spec sheet. By the way, you can find other Panasonic product intro videos on our website

Screenshot of Connector Video Clips

And from the video, I learned the history behind how Panasonic Connectors were invented and the technology behind it to make our Connectors slim and low profile but yet with tough contact.

Such technology including:

  • Bellows Contact: Contact is formed by bending a thin metal sheet, which provides the contact parts with adequate spring characteristics ensuring greater resistance to prying forces and drop impact.
  • V Notch: It increases the contact pressure thus it eliminates flux and other foreign particles entry.
  • Ni Barrier: The exposed nickel-plated portion of the gold-plated contact prevents solder creep despite the ultra low profile of the contact.
  • Porosity Treatment: This treatment creates a coating on the surface with a very thin film to seal pinholes in the gold plating so the Connector is able to resist to corrosion from gas, dust, and etc.

Then, I had a one on one technical training with our knowledgeable Connector Engineer for more Q&A. One interesting point he mentioned during the training was how to “modify” the Board to FPC Connector to make the mated high become “variable” by using different mating feature as shown in the picture below.

Board to FPC Connector

Board to FPC Connector

Also, from the experience of creating the Connectors Selection Chart, I lean that Panasonic provides large selection of Board-To-Board & Board-To-FPC Connectors for customer to choose from. (Pitch size ranges from 0.35mm to 0.5mm. Pin counts ranges from 10 to 160 contacts, and mated height ranges from 0.6mm to 9.0mm).

Sounds interesting? You can always visit our website to find more information including Connector introduction movies, product spec, brochure soft copy, authorized distributors, and contact for Engineering support.

Nathan Ho


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