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February 15, 2012 / williamnievespewa

Connecting a Panasonic FPX PLC to a PC Using General Purpose Protocol

This application shows how to connect a Panasonic FPX PLC with a personal computer using Ethernet and TCP/IP internet protocol. The PLC will be sending a string (set of characters) to the PC. Here we find the PLC communication configuration and program, and basic set up of Windows HyperTerminal.

Configuration COM5

The PLC uses a communication cassette AFPX-COM5, this device is set up using a Panasonic program called Configurator WD.

The figure above shows PLC_1, the tag for a FPX-COM5 cassette, set as server. Its current configuration is:


PLC program – MASTER or Client side

The PLC program includes conversion from INTEGER data type to STRING data type. Also, you can see how to set up F159; this function is used to send the string from one of the PLC communication ports.  This program will send to HyperTerminal a specific value from the PLC memory.

Above you can see how the program converts a variable from integer data type to string data type. As a string the value is linked with other strings constants. This resulting string is saved in a INT ARRAY that works as a buffer. This buffer will be address by a serial communication instruction and later it will be broadcasted over Ethernet. You may notice how the special ASCII characters ASCII are implemented {ASCII: $20 –> SPACE}.  It is easy to follow how with the INT ARAY -TxBuffer- populated, the program use it as a transmission table.

The sample program running:

This program will send to HyperTerminal a specific value from the PLC memory. The main idea is to take the value from the PLC memory and convert this value into a string.

As a string the vaile is linked with a message (ResoValue). This new string is placed in a INT ARRAY.

Please review this conversion, remember that the program looks specific PLC address the from there takes the valie and this value is MOVE using a BLOCK MOVE into the INT ARRAY.

In this program we CONCAT two variables in a string (Value and Value2)

PC Server/Client:

The figure above shows how the user will receive that string in its PC, using window HyperTerminal.

Please leave a comment if you have a question, or a suggestion for the next PLC article.


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